About Us

Earthly Delights Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Earthly Delights Healthy Meal Delivery is based in the East Bay with a unique approach to helping working-class people enjoy the convenience of healthy gourmet meals DELIVERED right to their doorsteps. Whether they are interested in weight loss or weight management, sports performance, or simply well-balanced meals, our program is convenient, healthy, result-driven, and it’s proven. The fresh, not frozen meals are packaged in convenient microwaveable containers, portion-controlled, and perfectly balanced.

We focus on households with busy working professionals. It will be of great benefit now and in the future to market our services to anyone who wants to integrate proper nutrition into active lifestyle.

Earthly Delights’ mission is to become the premier Healthy/Gourmet Meal Delivery experience in the East Bay. This will be accomplished by offering an unprecedented experience coupled with great food, convenience and reasonable prices.

MOTTO “Healthy Living Begins Here”

With the introduction of Earthly Delights to the East Bay Area market, we will revolutionize the way that the community looks at Healthy Gourmet Meal Delivery. Our prices really are much lower than restaurant meals. In addition, our “convenience” comes in two ways:

1) getting meals delivered right to their work or home, and
2) eating and minimal clean-up right in the customer’s own home or place, which saves time and energy at the end of a long day not to mention the weight loss and eating a well-balanced diet.


* Offer simple healthy menu items maintaining a 30-day cycle of various entrees
* Convenience of delivery and package
* Treat every customer as if they are the only customer

These target market segments were chosen based on their greater need for our services. Working professionals are very busy, and they can end up spending a great deal on fast food and junk food because they don’t have time to cook healthy meals at home, or may not have the skills or desire to plan and cook healthy meals at home just for themselves; they can spend a lot on going out to eat. Seniors have special challenges in obtaining and preparing quality ingredients to feed themselves. Options like “Meals on Wheels” are generally last-resorts. Many would prefer alternate food preparation arrangements, such as Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers where in they either pick up frozen foods from their location, or, pick up a menu and end up preparing the meals themselves.

Our marketing strategies for all groups will emphasize our relatively inexpensive, convenient, and easy approach to eating healthy meals.

Our competitive pricing structure will all play a part in satisfying our customers and increasing our clientele at an accelerating rate. Earthly Delights will focus on these factors and always strive to improve our business model and service offerings.

You can spread the word, experience the Earthly Delights Service. Experience it for yourself. If you’re not ready, go ahead and pass it on to someone you know may benefit from it. Let us know how we can help.