Online Nutrition Coaching-PN (Precision Nutrition)

By Win Shortland

Dieting…oh what a dreaded word. That moment you decide to go on a “diet” is that moment you
have decided “It’s time for a change”. Whether the reason being health related, major weight loss, or
toning up and increasing your overall athletic performance, it is going to take some kind of alteration on to your lifestyle. So, here you go.… you throw out everything unhealthy in your refrigerator and pantry; take pictures in your undies so you can hang them where you'll see them every time you wake; google and Pinterest workouts and recipes that you are determined to live by: and basically convince yourself that in one day you are about to completely turn your life around and change every thing you have been doing
for the past weeks or months or even years. Well… if you are capable of that my friend, I will top my hat
off to you and you should just probably stop reading now. Personally, I AM NOT capable of that and
that's where Precision Nutrition comes in.

Everyone has heard the expression that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but you're going to
break all yours in just one, huh? I mean maybe those first few days you'll go really hard and you’ll feel
great and empowered and like you probably need to reward yourself. So five cookies later you're now
regretting that reward and possibly doubting yourself. Or hey, maybe you're not. The point being, change
is hard. Definitely harder for some than others and it's situation depending as well. With Precision
Nutrition, your program is designed specifically for your situation. It is customized for what your short
term and long term goals are. You initially start with a survey to inform them of your current lifestyle and
how you'd like to change it. Instead of diet plans that tell you everything you can’t do, PN tells you what
you can. From helping you compile your grocery list with food you not only know how to spell but also
enjoy, to recipes and guidelines that give you options instead of restrictions. Customized to your lifestyle
to help you make small changes and progress that turn into long term ways of life, not just a temporary