Win Shortland, President and Founder of Earthly Delights Home, Inc. (EDHI), has more than 17 years of progressively responsible experience in personal training athletes, weight loss, and rehabilitation. Win has led this company through start-up phase and growth phase.
Win was involved in the health and fitness community as a Personal Trainer in a variety of settings including college sports, club sports, athletic training, and precision nutrition. His understanding of both exercise and nutrition encompasses exercise programs, nutrition re-education, and sales in the food and supplement market.

Earthly Delights Healthy Meal Delivery has a unique approach to helping people enjoy the convenience of healthy gourmet meals DELIVERED right to their doorsteps. Whether they are interested in weight loss or weight management, sports performance, or simply well-balanced meals, his program is convenient, healthy, result-driven, and it’s proven. The fresh, not frozen meals are packaged in convenient microwaveable containers, portion-controlled, and perfectly balanced.

Win currently serves as President of EDHI, a California-based company for Healthy Gourmet Meal Delivery with its motto “Healthy Living Begins Here.” This motto is a commitment to both healthy living and healthy meal preparation. He was President of Performance Advantage, also a California-based company result-oriented personal training.

Win Shortland holds a Bachelor’s degree from BYU-Hawaii and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Kansas State University.